Thursday, March 10, 2011

Back and Going Strong...A Refreshed Outlook on my Blog

I'm BACK! Aren't you excited? I know I am. Originally, the whole cooking blog thing was for me to chronicle my nightly meals to share with some friends and to document the diversity in my cooking. Then, I decided I wanted my blog to be BIG which didn't work out so well and no one was following my blog, even when I told people, "if you read it, please 'follow it' so I know." I got pretty discouraged and then my best friend, Fashion Momma, reminded me that it shouldn't be for others, the blog should be something that I want to do, for myself.

Well, in church we've been discussing the different Christian seasons. Yesterday was Ash Wednesday, also the beginning of Lent. I had never participated in Lent before and I honestly (probably ignorantly) thought it was just a Catholic thing. Everyone I ever knew that participated in Lent made it out to be a joke and whatever they went without, they complained about the whole 40 days and then just went full-speed ahead back into whatever they gave up the day after Lent ended. I had the same opinions about those practices of Lent as I do about some peoples idea's of fasting. I'm not sure what good it does or what point it proves to fast for three days only to be gluttonous and greedy the day after and stuff your face at a buffet. Are you rewarding your practices at the end by forgetting the reasons why you did them in the first place? Anyways, maybe that's just me...

My pastor you don't have to give up for Lent but you can take things on. Things you do for Lent aren't supposed to be easy and I believe it should enhance your life in a positive way. Instead of giving up wine or tv or anything like that, I decided I would jump back into this blog for the real reason I started it in the first place, to do something to enhance my life. I love cooking, so why shouldn't I write about it to have later, use again, and share with friends and family?

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