Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I'm back!

Hey guys, I'm back! I had a few days off but I'm here now! I did cook while I was gone but I didn't take any pictures. I made my breakfast empanadas, fajitas, pad thai and some AMAZING lettuce wraps. Don't worry, I'll make everything again :)

Today was my official "farewell" luncheon at work. I am starting my new job on the 28th and we had to do a luncheon with my boss before he left for reserve duty. Everyone (well, mostly everyone) knows that I cook and today, people let it slip about my blog...I wasn't so sure I wanted people to know but maybe they will be followers then they can make their own food now that I won't be in the office anymore! It could be a good situation...

Anyways, lunch at California Pizza Kitchen was great; I had a Chipotle Chicken Pizza on wheat crust...YUM. I also got a new cookbook which shows recipes frame by frame, kind of like my blog, and a new apron that is green and blue (my favorites)! I'm really excited to try the recipes in this book. There are a lot of really good looking ones with different meats and fish that I've never cooked with before. There are also some pretty amazing (but easy) desserts that I might have to try as well. I was also informed that some time next week I would get some delicious cookies from my team lead's wife. I don't know how it's possible to make so many delicious cookies that are all the same size and shape. When I bake cookies they look like lumps and wind up over or under cooked. Hence why this isn't a baking blog... but yeah, I'm convinced these people are trying to make me fat because I think there are a couple other lunches/dinners I have to attend and with the cookies on top...it's going to be a bad couple of weeks. Don't tell my trainer......

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