Monday, February 7, 2011

Whitney's Paella!!!

Ok guys, there isn't a recipe for this. I'm sorry. Ever since I went to Spain, I've been making this yummy dish and it's really easy and makes enough to last for days, or freeze! I usually make it differently each time and in the past year I can think of 2 times where it was definitely the, "best I've made so far," and did I write it down? No, of course not. This past time was pretty good but definitely not the BEST of the best. Anyways, at least I have a picture of the ingredients now! When I make it again, if it's better, I'll post the new recipe and I promise, I'll write it down!

This is what I used this time around:
3 chorizo links (remove casing and then separate in pan)
Vigo Yellow Rice (it already has seasoning in it!)
1/2 red (or any color) onion, chopped
1 orange and red pepper, chopped
1/2 a bag of baby carrots
1 1/2 cups of frozen peas
Asparagus (I use different amounts depending on the size of the stalks)
1 can petite diced tomatoes
1 small can (I think it's 6oz) of tomato paste
Chili powder, thyme, oregano and parsley (all to taste)
Cilantro for serving
**You can also add in shrimp, boneless/skinless chicken thighs (cut up) or any other types of pork or seafood

1. In a large heavy pot or dutch oven, cook chorizo and break apart (you can also add chicken or pork at this step too)

2. Once chorizo is cooked, add rice and stir, then add 4 cups of water to pot.
3. Let rice cook (simmer) about 5 min, and stir to make sure it's not sticking.  Add the carrots. 
4. After carrots soften, add peppers, onions, asparagus, tomatoes and tomato paste. You may need to add a cup or 2 cups more of water to allow veggies to cook. 

5. Once the rice starts to cook, you can taste the broth and determine if you want to add additional spices. Cook veggies until desired softness, then add peas (and any seafood).

6. Continue to cook until warmed through and most of the broth is soaked up into the rice.

7. Serve with chopped cilantro, some hot sauce and lemon juice!

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