Friday, January 14, 2011

A Favorite Song

I love music, a lot. I love music from all genres as well so it's extremely hard for me to come up with a favorite. However, this task didn't say, "come up with your favorite song 'of all time,'" so therefore I'm going to let you in on my favorite song right NOW. Don't judge me, either. I'm totally guilty when it comes to lovin' some Taylor Swift but, you know what? She came to my university for Spring Weekend when she was like 16 and that Tim McGraw song came out and every one's all like "Taylor, who??" We met and I have a picture with her and when I remember to go home and find it, I'll upload it to this link!

My CURRENT favorite song is, "Long Live," by TS....go on YouTube and listen. It has really positive lyrics and I listen to it on my 2 mile drive to the bus stop every morning before work so that I can at least try to start the day on a positive note!

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