Monday, January 10, 2011

This Time, I'm Sticking With It!

I've had two other blogs this year, both of which ended in failure. I never maintained them and I had about a handful of people who read it; those were also the same people I was more than likely going to tell in person or over the phone so it really served no purpose other than to relieve my need to vent when no one was around. It worked for the time being but that period of my life is over and there is no reason for a blog like that anymore.

It's a new year and so far, the first week of the new year proved to be a relatively great one. I had an epiphany earlier today about a new blog. I've been at my house alone since Thursday (roomie's out of town with family) and every day I've made some delicious meals. Most people make the excuse, "I hate cooking when it's just for one." Not me! Cooking soothes me and it makes me happy; it helps me pass the time and allows me to focus on something other than the TV or the fact that I'm alone (minus my dog, who also loves to hang out with me in the kitchen). The only downfall is that sometimes I use cooking as a form of procrastination, as a way to put off something I know I have to do (like homework).  I have to admit, though, that I HATE cleaning up the mess I make after (and those who know me can vouch that I'm a messy cook). I've had a lot of compliments on my cooking and I even had a friend over this weekend to go grocery shopping with me and borrow some recipes. I was flattered that she wanted to try some of the things I had done.

Anyways, the point of my new blog is this: to show anyone and everyone who wants to know, a way to take a recipe from a book/catalog, and put their own twist on it. That's what I do almost every single day.    About 3 years ago I received the Martha Stewart Everyday Food magazine subscription for Christmas. I've kept it going because it's about $12 a year (a steal)! If you're like me, you find things in recipes that either 1) you have no clue what an ingredient is, 2) you have no idea where to find it, and/or 3) you don't like a certain ingredient. I usually add to or subtract from recipes on a daily basis so each day I will try to post at least one "twisted" recipe and provide a link to the original so you can see what's been changed. Occasionally I get really brave and create my own recipes (paella, steak salad, breakfast burritos, pizza) and because of all the practice I've had twisting recipes, they come out pretty well. The only problem is I either forget to write them down or I don't measure out anything so it's hard to relay to someone else. Hopefully now that I'm blogging about it, it will make me write down the things I try and measure ingredients when absolutely necessary.

In addition to food, I'll occasionally feature wines on this blog. My boyfriend gave me a book dedicated to documenting wine for Christmas. I need to start writing down the wines I try (because there are a LOT) and finding out which foods pair well with each. You can mess up food easily if it's paired incorrectly and the same goes for wine, it can taste completely different (sometimes bad) with the wrong food. I'd also eventually like to feature other bloggers recipes, especially baking and desserts because those aren't always my strong points.

Some days I'd like to think I could give up everything and become a chef because I do enjoy it so much. I'd love to take official lessons or classes someday. I don't think I'd enjoy cooking AS much if it were my job. I know a few people who spend their entire days in kitchens and the last thing they want to do when they come home is cook for others. I also like to cook things that I want and that I will enjoy. I don't think I'd do well having to always cook what others want, when they want and that's why I choose not to become a chef. It may always be a dream and someday I hope to do more with cooking but for now I'll be expanding my knowledge here, and sharing it with all of you!

I hope you enjoy this as much as I plan to! Ciao!

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